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l33t converts your textinput into leet (aka leetspeak). It's also the first iOS App wich let's you convert leet-input to human readable text.

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    While you are hacking your text on you keyboard, the app converts every character on the fly. There is no latency. The corresponding leet-output is shown directly under your input.
    It's also possible to copy some text from your device's clipboard so you don't need to retype any text from your mail app or iMessage.
    And because you can copy from your clipboard in the input textfield, you can also export the contents of the output textfield to your clipboard again.

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    Leet-To-Text conversion

    With the new leet-to-text conversion, you can convert some leet-text ,you might have reached via mail or imessage, to human readable text. l33t is the first app in the AppStore which lets you convert text to leet and vice versa.
    It's also possible to change the strength of the conversion.
    So, how leet'ish do you like it?

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    Feature summary

    ✓ Leet-alphabet (Character Map)
    ✓ Live conversion
    ✓ Text-To-Leet converter
    ✓ Leet-To-Text converter
    ✓ Adjustable "Leet-Level"
    ✓ Supports Copy & Paste/Clipboard
    ✓ Multilanguage (German, Englisch)

    More features will be available within the next app update in january 2013!

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    Supported Devices and iOS-Versions

    We are working hard to support all of your devices, no mather if it's an iPad, an iPhone or an iPod touch. We trie to cover a wide range of iOS versions, starting with iOS 4.0 end ending with iOS 6.0.
    Supported iOS devices are:

    iPhone: iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS
    iPad: iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad 1
    iPod touch: iPod touch 5Gen.

    Supported iOS versions are:

    iOS 4.x, iOS 5.x, iOS 6.x

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